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Youra Media for social media
Youra mobile for cell communications
Youra blog for personal access Portal to Youra brand website was first lauched in 1995 by Dan Youra to assist entrepeneurs in entering developing markets and seeking opportunities in opening markets on the world wide web.

Youra Media

Youra Media for online access
Youra Media was developed by Youra Tarverdi and Dan Youra to be an aggregator of communication technologies for deployment in business environments, social media and consumer markets. Youra Media was an early entry to the evolution of integrated communication and information systems capable of feeding the ravenous demand for alternative access to new daily content.


Youra is all about U
The Youra Brand centers around "U" which is the middle letter in the name Youra. "U" is an integral part of "You" and "Your" also found in Youra. Youra does not exist without "U" Read Story of U


YouraWay personal mobility unity
Youra Apps for personal and business
Youra Mobile phones for cellular networks
Youra Mall shopping center for Youra stores
Youra Health Advanced wearable sensors
Dan Youra and Youra Tarverdi joined in a partnership to aggressively develop products that had the special edge to become leaders in the technologies growing out of awakening demands for products to fill new openings in developing markets.


Youra Exchange Money System
YouraTrip travel and city guide
Youra Search for information
Youra Power for energy
Youra Trader for global barter
Youra and Youra specialize in research of existing services that are underutilized with prospects of new business opportunities, especially those which can be sold the "contract services" developed by the company successfully in other industries.

Youra Care for health encompasses a set of Youra domains centered around the healthy individual living in the healthy environment.
Youra Care for better
Youra Network for personal Global network for Youra
Youra Power is you ticket to
Youra Health
Youra Home for integrated

Youra Exchange

Youra Exchange for online investment
Youra Exchange is program for buying and selling on a global level where transactions are executed in nanoseconds and where participants can alternate roles as buyers of goods and services and sellers of goods and services.
Youra Seller of goods and services
Youra Buyer of goods and services
Youra Trader of goods and services
Youra Tarverdi co founder Youra

Youra Tarverdi

Youra Co-founder


Youra Tarverdi at a young age had a dream that one day all nations might be judged not by the might of their arms, but rather by the openness of their arms. Youra, the boundless entrepeneur, founded the World Peace Network and built successful businesses to assist those who suffer most from wars.


Dan Youra's dream has always been to "turn swords into plowshares" and "dependence into freedom." Dedicated to the principles of free enterprise, Dan has lived a life as a successful entrepeneur and helped others to achieve their dreams of economic and financial freedom.
Dan Youra co founder Youra

Dan Youra

Youra Co-founder

Youra Mobile for cellular connection brings together a set of Youra domains to facilitate an integration of mobile technologies for the benefit of individuals and groups.
Youra Mall Shapping
Youra Phone Global network for Youra
Youra News for Personal
Youra Vision for
Youra Blog for interactive

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