Your Family and Friends

Family:It's Better Together
Child and Family Blog
Atlantic: "Myth of Immigrants"
Independent: "Be Smart. Be Lazy"

Your Health

Healthcare Costs 101
Handfull of Nuts a Day
5 Point Check Up for Health Insurance
Your Handwriting and Your Health
Health Insurance Costs Go Up
Why Is Healthcare So Expensive

Your Food Eating In and Out

Calculate Food Costs in a Restaurant
$15 Min. Wage Increases Food Costs
True Cost of Dining a la Food Cart
Eat What You Love (On a Budget)
Cooking Is Therapy

Your Fun Sports Hobbies

10 Ways To Save $$$ on Youth Sports
Save Money on Sports Equipment
22 Money Making Hobbies
9 Ways To Make Money at Home
14 Ways Retirees Can Make Money

Your Security

20 Top Security Products Under $20
Low Cost Home Security Systems
Increase Your Smart Phone's Security

Youra Report

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Dress For Less
Life Hack: Save on Clothes

Count Your Clothes

How many socks do you need?

Dress Up or Dress Down

Who cares?

Your Fashion Statement

Who is your fashion model?

Hair Care

Can you 'Be hair now?'

Casual Outfits

Can you live without it?


Are your shoes made for walking?

REVIEW of Dan Youra's website in The Sunday Times of London
Youra's "coverage is hard to fault." Youra's site is "potentially life-enhancing."


Your Money

Business Insider: Your Money
NPR: Your Money
NYT: Your Money
4 Ways Review: Take Control of Your Money
The Advertizer: Protect Your Money Online

Your Home

64 Ways to Save Money on Home
21 Ways to Save On Your Remodel
10 ways to save money on your utility bill
Save Money 10 Ways on Your Mortgage
3 Tips to Save on Home Heating This Winter

Your Car and Travel

23 Ways to Slash Your Car Expenses
5 Steps to Save $$$ on ALL Car Costs
AARP: Budget Car Cost Savings
12 Ways to Save Money on Gas

Your Phone and Computer

Frugal Living: 22 Tips to Cut Phone Bill
PC Reviews: Save on Cell Phone Plans
Debt Roundup: Save Almost $1,000 a Year
All You: Use Your Phone to Save Money

Your Clothes

Dress For Less
Life Hack: Save on Clothes

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